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Website Development

We make you stand among others.
Developing website is not just build a mere website to publish your company profile online. It’s about introducing your identity and define your value among competitors.


About Website Development
We develop website in two ways: hard way or easy way.
In hard way, we build website from scratch, start from the concept with deep discussion with the customer. This may required small additional application. This is what we called custom web. The customer can personalize their website according to their needs.
In simple way, we use template engine/content management system to build website. With limited features, doesn’t mean you can’t be outstanding.


Content Management System
Content Management System or CMS is an engine to create dynamic website where the owner can update the content with bacis features: add, edit and delete. Dynamic features examples are: content, menu navigation, gallery/images, ??.
There are features or contents that can be editted, and there are that static. The static one can only be changed with the help of developer using hard code. Static features examples are: header, layout, contact us form, ??
Considering some of fixed features, the customer should give information as much and as clear as needed. Any little change will drag out some more time. That will reduce some point of effectiveness.


What The Customer Should Provide / What We Need From The Customer

  1. Information: what kind of website the customer expected.

  2. Data: all website contents should be provided by the customer, MyIndo can help to input the first content and provide training how to maintain website to user/client’s web administrator. Data examples:

    1. Web content: text and/or picture.

    2. Gallery: pictures and descriptions.

    3. Company profile: all about customer’s corporate info.

    4. Contact: address, phone number, fax, email, etc.

    5. Company’s title (for header)

    6. Slogan (if there’s any)

    7. Corporate colour (if there’s any)

    8. Logo or certain symbol (if there’s any)

  3. Customer’s Corporate information: background, what field, market target range, motto, image of company.

The information above will help us alot in designing and concepting the suitable website for your company. You can never go wrong with “good preparation” and “right information”.



Documents included within the project are:

  1. MoU / contract

  2. Change Request (if necessary)

  3. User Acceptance Test

  4. Minutes of Hand-over

  5. User Guide



MyIndo really appreciate your time. While the whole process takes less than a month, for standard website we only need 6 days!


Website Maintenance

We help you help people.
Visitors to your website don’t care about your problems. They want you to solve their problems.
Your website has its own way of giving information about your product, services and profile. But an abandoned website -without maintenance- will waste the chance of winning customers who need your product and/or services.


Website Maintenance

Not only building the website, MyIndo also comes up with total solution. Here are our point of maintenance:

  1. Website monitoring (makse sure your website available 24 hrs).

  2. Contact monitoring (keep track all correspondent from your customer).

  3. Update content periodically (content provided by the customer).

  4. Retouch image in gallery.

  5. Change themes occasionally/per season.

  6. Update banner if necessary.


Web-Based Application

Don’t stick with obsolete technology.
Don’t break a sweat thinking how to build a system or infrastructure to help your business flow or how your corporate going to grow. We designed the system solution for you… and we mean business.

Technology trend.

Technology trend towards future will provoke massive social change. People will no longer be tied to desk to get the job done. Work anywhere on any device to all resources. The flow of information will be automatically targeted and fine tuned around you.
You can find internet connection almost everywhere. The volume of information you have at available will drastically increase through this. Small businesses can now operate globally.


Web-Based application usage.

Not just on your computer or mobile, web-based application now being used in daily life as an essential additional layer connecting everything to everyone and visa versa. From the simplest online shop management, e-commerce, to any complex back-end management system such as inventory, warehouse management, report system, financial counting, controlling system, monitoring system, et cetera.



Why MyIndo?

We humanised technology. You don’t have to stick to obsolete technology with “plug and pray” which mostly long promised, rarely delivered. We make sure the apps compatible, usable.


Have it your way!

Some companies think application system can be wrong, full of trials and tribulations yet expensive. They prefer stick with the same system all the time while the world is changing. Because it’s comfortable, that’s how they do business.
Some are disagree. They choose to go along with technology as investation. Not only reduce insignificant job with application system, but also to make all work efficient, controllable and monitorable real time. No need further to explain COST, ENERGY and TIME SAVING.


There’s nothing wrong with them. Have it your way. Are you going to be LEADING COMPANY or BLEEDING COMPANY.


IT Outsource

You don’t have to be superhero to finish all the work by yourself. Leave it to the PRO.
Handling IT departement can sometimes be menace. You spend large amount of costs to train them or pay high bill to get skilled one. Why don’t focus on your core business while having MyIndo as your IT department.

As well known that today we can not live without information and communication technology. Even farmers need it. But that doesn’t mean we should change agriculture into ICT business.

To follow technology trends along with improving core business can be tricky. Yet hiring IT personnel into your department can be dillematic.

Problem? Not with MyIndo.

You can focus on your core business with nothing to worry about left behind in technology. The benefit:

  1. You do not worry about manpower turnover.

  2. You do not worry about paying permanent bills, because IT outsource can be hired temporarily, according to your needs.

  3. You do not worry about the personnel absence, because MyIndo can always provide the available one.

  4. You do not have to train the personnel to an expensive seminars or workshops, MyIndo IT outsource know what to do.

  5. MyIndo IT outsource will be work on shift, it will reduce the stress of the personnel, which results better than having the same person in the same circles.